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Need to contact us or find information about our Parish?

You can contact our parish administrator, Charlotte, by email bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com or call 01225 314114 (leave a message if no answer).

All postal items need to go to 4 Harley Street. Items for the bulletin must arrive by noon on Wednesdays: email using the contact form below or to: bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com from your email; or put in a request on paper at the Parish Office or 4 Harley Street, Bath, BA1 2SF.


Parish Safeguarding Reps: Contact Barbara Palmer, Barbara Summerfield and Seamus Brogan via psr.bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com

Diocesan Safeguarding office: 0117 9540993

Diocesan Safeguarding team: Team

What is Safeguarding?

“Being loved and being kept safe go to the very core of the Church’s Ministry to children and vulnerable adults.  The work of safeguarding has to be seen within the overall mission of the Church.  As she seeks to protect the vulnerable and weak, the Church needs to ‘act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God’.  (Micah 6:8).

It is a ministry of love and healing and seeks justice for all”. The Cumberlege Commission 2007

Towards a Culture of Safeguarding

The Church has a responsibility to ensure all those who undertake work in the name of the Church are adequately trained in safeguarding matters. The Catholic Church is dependent on Clergy, Religious and Lay people using their skills and talents to nurture and support the Catholic community. Some will be paid employees, but the majority undertake their work on a voluntary basis. Whilst some will recognise their role as a volunteer, many rightly see their caring and support contribution as part of their Christian responsibility and ministry. But we all have a role to play in safeguarding the young or adults who may be at risk and it is for this reason that the Catholic Church in England and Wales has worked with EduCare to bring you an e-learning package that will raise awareness throughout the Catholic Community in our countries. The e-learning package is part of the Church’s commitment to safeguarding, and is available to all members of the Catholic community free of charge.

Please download the brochure to see the courses available and how to access them.

What do I need to do to access this training resource?

1. Email safeguarding@cliftondiocese.com to register your interest.

2. Your email should contain your name, email address, the name of your parish/order/congregation, and your role. For example: Priest, Member of the Religious, Safeguarding Representative, Youth Worker, Teacher, SVP or Other Volunteers, Parent/Grandparent/Guardian, or Other.

3. On receipt of your email the safeguarding administrator will register your email address with EduCare.

4. You will receive a Welcome Email from EduCare where you will set your password.

Safeguarding: Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces, the free national support service for victims and survivors of church-related abuse.

Safe Spaces offers a confidential, personal, and safe space for anyone who has been abused through their relationship with either the Church of England, The Church in Wales or The Catholic Church in England and Wales, regardless of disability, age, gender, or sexual orientation.
Call 0300 3031056 Mon- Fri 9am – 9pm, Sat 9-1pm and Sun 1-5pm (excluding bank holidays).Safe Spaces can also be contacted via https://www.safespacesenglandandwales.org.uk/

Finding a priest


If you need Fr Jeremy for any reason, please call 01225 311725. If he does not answer the phone, please leave a message and he will return your call.

If Fr Jeremy is not available and a priest is required urgently, please call: Fr Bill at Sts Peter and Paul’s, Combe Down (01225 832096).

I want to fill in a census form! Help!

We would like to keep up-to-date records of all our parishioners, to help us to contact you and to understand the demographics of our parish and the needs of all.

Please complete, print off and return the census form  Clifton Diocese – Parish Census Form to Parish Office c/o 4 Harley St, Bath BA1 2SF. Once we have your details, we can get in contact and let you know how we can help you to feel more part of our parish.

The census form is used by every parish so does not include details about mailing lists. Please make a note on your form if you would like to be added to the mailing list for:

  • weekly bulletin (sent out on Fridays)
  • all-parishioner mailing list
I am new to the parish! Help!

Welcome to St Mary’s!

Please complete, print off and return the census form 2018 Clifton Diocese – Parish Census Form to 4 Harley St, Bath BA1 2SF. Once we have your details, we can get in contact and let you know how we can help you to feel more part of our parish.

Parish Administration

Parish Administrator

The Parish Office is usually open Wednesday and Fridays 9.00am – noon (email ahead if you intend to visit), and on email Mon, Tues and Thursdays. You can contact our Parish Administrator Charlotte Boyall by email bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com or letter ;Parish Office c/o 4 Harley Street, Bath, BA1 2SF. The Parish Office can be found inside the Parish Centre, next to the car park and accessible from Burlington Street.  If you have a question Charlotte will try to answer it; a problem, she will try to solve it. She sorts many and varied things from Sacramental preparation admin, manages the car park, arranges hire of the Parish Centre and the church, writes the bulletin, manages the Facebook page, maintains the website and anything else that helps Fr Jeremy.

All postal items need to go to 4 Harley Street. Items for the bulletin must arrive by noon on Wednesdays: email Parish Administrator; ring the Parish Office 01225 314114 or put in a request on paper at the Parish Office or 4 Harley Street.

St Mary's Parish Centre - how to use it or hire it

In the first instance, phone or email our parish administrator Charlotte Boyall (01225 314114 bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com). Available for hire from £7.00-£35.00 per hour. Discount rates for parishioners and charities. No costs for parish prayer, justice & peace, social change groups etc.

We have one large main hall, two smaller meeting rooms, a kitchen, toilets and a large car park. The rooms have been painted in a dementia-friendly white and grey palette to denote entrances and exits. We have a wheelchair access to the front and middle rooms, and step-free access to the main hall.

You can arrange a visit to view the parish centre, or have a look on Sundays during Coffee after 10.30am Mass.

For information about costs, availability, housekeeping arrangements and viewing the parish centre, please contact our Parish Administrator Charlotte Boyall bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com

Hire Agreement (Parish) – 2022

Car Park - how to obtain a permit to park

Anyone may use the car park when attending a service at St Mary’s. However, to park at any other time, you need to have a permit.

Parishioner car park permits

Any parishioner can buy a parking permit, allowing 4 hours of parking per week. Each December, email the parish office for an application form, then either:
*Complete the form; send it & a cheque for £82.50 payable to St Mary’s Catholic Church Bath & a stamped addressed envelope to Parish Office, c/o 4 Harley Street, Bath, BA1 2SF
•Complete the application form; email it to the parish office, & transfer £83.50 to the church bank account (Sort 521003 Account: 66286670 Name: Clifton Diocese re Parish of St Mary, Bath) The extra £1 covers the cost of the stamp & envelope to send your permit.

Commercial car park permits

These permits give authority to park the above vehicle in the Church Car Park, on weekdays only, between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. The cost is £1188.00 for 1st January – 31st December 2023. If you wish to apply for a permit, please contact the Parish Office 01225 314114, bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com

***Please beware: the signs in the car park that say you will receive a fine for parking without a permit ARE REAL!***

Finance Committee and parish accounts

Your Parish Finance Committee consists of our Parish Priest, Dayne Netto (chair), Jim Sherry, Barbara Summerfield and Peter Ghillyer. New members are always welcome (if you would like to serve please contact Dayne Netto at treasurer.bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com 

Your Committee is responsible for all financial matters relating to the Parish.  It has a Constitution and a set of Duties and Responsibilities.  Both of these documents can be accessed on our website.

Each year your committee sets a budget in consultation with the Property Development Group. The ones for 2020,  2019 and 2018 are on this website. We also produce the accounts for the parish and those for 2021 are on this website Copy of St Marys Outturn 2021 and Budget 2022 parishioners. Please follow the links to read them.

During the last two years parishioners have been most loyal and generous in their giving. Fr Jeremy and the parish Finance Committee are immensely grateful. Despite the church closures due to lockdown in 2020 and 2021, our income stood up well during this dreadful period. It has been a great solace to so many who could not attend Mass that we started live streaming our Masses.  Now we have that facility, we are able to live stream weddings, baptisms and funerals for those unable to attend in person.  It is our strong intention to continue to live stream Masses even after the pandemic subsides.

Legacies are always most welcome and are a considerable help in dealing with major expenses of the Parish.  Parishioners wishing to leave a legacy in their wills can use the suggested wording available as a document on our website.

If you would like more information about our finances please email Dayne Netto at treasurer.bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com or write to him via 4 Harley Street, Bath, BA1 2SF.

Parish Budget and accounts to 31 December 2018

Parish budget and accounts to 31 December 2019

Property Development Group

Skills Needed – Property
Are there parishioners who have skills related to property & who have some time they could give to supporting our Property Development Group? This could be for one-off projects or on an ongoing basis depending on the time available.

We are looking for a range of skills/experience including: Architecture, property development, planning, surveying, programme /project management & finance, property management & maintenance, painting & decorating.
Also fund-raising, communication (strategy & PR), servicing a committee (admin, minutes etc.) & legal. We need to clear some of our property & help would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, please let Fr Jeremy know AND contact the Parish Office on 01225 314114 or bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com with your details. Alternatively phone 01225 311725 & leave a message on the answer machine.

For further information, please contact: Dayne Netto

Parish Monthly giving and Gift Aid information

Parish Monthly giving and Gift Aid information

All giving by parishioners towards the cost of running the Parish is very much appreciated. Please see the document Gift Aid Explained for further information.

If you are a tax payer, you can increase your giving by 25% by completing a gift aid declaration together with joining our standing order or envelope scheme at NO cost to yourself. This really is a method of giving which means so much to the Parish. The scheme is explained in more detail in a document available on our website.

Here is a standing order and gift aid declaration document that you can download, complete and send in to the parish office 2023 BATHM GAD (we need the original signature, so cannot deal with the form electronically) marked for the attention of Barbara Summerfield, our gift aid administrator . The address is: B. Summerfield – Gift Aid, 4 Harley Street, Bath BA1 2SF).

Further details can be obtained from Barbara at GA.bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com 

One Off Donations with gift aid: There are envelopes for your donation at the back of the Church. Complete the information on the front of the envelope and hand it to Fr Jeremy or one of the Mass Stewards.

If you have any queries please contact GA.bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com or Treasurer.bath.stmary@cliftondiocese.com


Parish Gift Aid forms

Gift aid forms



Finally, we would like to create a database of those who are interested in receiving the bulletin by email.  If you would like your name to be included, please let us know by emailing Parish Administrator  Any information provided will be processed in accordance with the Diocese’s Privacy Notice which is available at Clifton Diocese Privacy Notice

CCTV Notice

Photos in Church Notice


Parish & Church

From Archivist: Neil Coombs  St. Mary’s History

From: Laurie Coombs – A Visitor’s Gulde Prepared for Bath Heritage day and St. Mary’s 125 Celebration in 2013
A Visitor’s Guide

Fr Jeremy and Previous Parish Priests


Fr Jeremy’s Biography

Fr Brian’s Farewell on his retirement and the Eulogy from his Requiem Mass

A Visitor's Guide to St Mary's

181023 Visitor’s Guide

This can be printed out and used to walk around St Mary’s Church. It was originally written by Laurie Coombs in 2006, and amended by Charlotte Boyall in 2018 after the restoration of the church.

St Mary's Fire 2015

As written by Fr. Jeremy


Just before four o’clock one Thursday afternoon, in July 2015, I was making my way to St Mary’s, to get ready to receive a coffin into the church. There was to be a funeral the following day. I was met with cries of, “Your church is on fire!” To my astonishment, it was true. There was smoke coming from above the porch, and flames visible beneath the tiles. The alarm had been raised by passers-by, and very soon the fire brigade arrived, seven appliances in all. There was nothing to be done, but stand and watch the firemen do their work. The road was closed to traffic, but people gathered to watch. Eventually the fire was brought under control and the building made safe.

It was a sorry sight that awaited us when, after some three and a half hours, we were allowed inside. The seat of the fire was located just inside the entrance to the church in the side aisle. The confessional box had been destroyed, the small stained-glass window of Sts Peter and Paul had fallen out and one of the Stations of the Cross was badly damaged. The fire had ruined about one third of the seating (the vinyl padding of the seats had proved highly flammable and non-fire-retardant). Most distressing of all was the effect of the resulting smoke, which had covered the entire interior of the church, from floor to roof with a film of grey dirt and vaporised plastic. The modern frescos on the north wall and the painted panels at the back of the high altar were unrecognisable. We know that, sadly, the fire was started deliberately. (Eventually someone was charged, and has since served a prison sentence.)

Almost immediately the people of St. Mary’s responded to the crisis. The funeral the following day was relocated to St. John’s, another Catholic Church in the city. After the Saturday morning Mass, celebrated in St Mary’s Parish Centre, a group of parishioners set about painting and decorating the main Hall and adjoining room. The Centre then became our temporary Church and, over the next ten months, Sunday and weekday Masses were held there without a break. Funerals and weddings (which could not take place in the Parish Centre) were relocated to the other Catholic churches in Bath. We received many kind offers of help from other churches in the area, including Christ Church (our Church of England neighbours in Julian Road), where we held three of our four 2015 Christmas Masses. Further improvements to our Parish Centre included emergency lighting, fire exits, a disabled access, a sound-system (including a loop), a video link to the adjoining room, and new windows. Many people remarked on how different the Mass felt in its temporary setting, with the congregation much closer to the altar, and with no spare seats!

Fortunately the church was properly insured, and so the greater part of the cost of restoration was covered by the claim. Very early on, a loss adjuster was appointed, along with specialist restorers and experts in Stone-masonry, carpentry, tiling, stained-glass windows, soft furnishings and organ-building. The nave of the church, cleared of all furniture, was filled with five levels of scaffolding. It reminded me very much of a ship in dry dock. The artists Fleur Kelly (who created the frescos) and John Armstrong (who painted the panels of the saints at the back of the High Altar) were consulted about how these should be restored. The organ was dismantled and removed from the church, and was cleaned and restored. The wiring, lighting and sound system which had been installed just a year before the fire had to be redone. In addition, we replaced the old confessional with a much more attractive Reconciliation Room; the inner entrance to the church was improved by a small draught lobby; and we opened up an old blocked-up doorway to create an extra fire-exit. We returned to the church at the end of May 2016 for week-end services, but it was not until the beginning of October that year that we were able to welcome Bishop Declan Lang who celebrated a special Mass to mark the official reopening of St. Mary’s Church.

Though the fire and its effects were most distressing, especially for those people with life-long associations with St. Mary’s, the benefits have been immense. We have a beautifully restored Church, cleaner, brighter and more airy than it has ever been since its opening in 1881. We have new hymn books, new (and better) furniture, and soft furnishings (carpets and curtains) which enhance the sanctuary and Lady Chapel, We also have a Parish Centre with much improved facilities. But there have been other blessings too. The time we had to spend in our temporary church brought people together in a new way: like comrades in adversity they helped one another, stayed longer charring at the end of Mass, and supported all the efforts being made to bring a sense of normality and dignity to an abnormal situation. Finally, special mention should be made of the very generous donations we received from parishioners and others, towards expenses not covered by the insurance claim. We are most grateful.

The only visible memorial of the fire is a display cabinet in the church, near the entrance. It contains a buckled brass plate which originally commemorated a previous Parish Priest of St. Mary’s. It has been preserved, together with the charred remains of the wood on which it had been mounted. The inscription beneath reads:

“This memorial plaque, encased by a monk at Downside, is a gift from the Abbey. It is a reminder of the enormous devastation caused by arson on 23rd July 2015; it testifies to the expertise of all those who worked tirelessly to restore this beautiful church; and it recalls the dedication and support of parishioners and friends.”


Opportunities in St Mary’s parish

There are many and varied opportunities to be part of the parish life of St Mary’s. Look at the list below and choose a new ministry/ group/ activity/committee in which to pray, take part or offer service to others. No contact details? Contact the Parish Office and we will put you in touch.

St Mary's Art Club

We meet in the Parish Centre on Tuesdays 1.30-3.30pm. Cost £2.00

New members are always welcome.

Contact Joe Evans for more information: 07853 810041

Eco Group

We are a new group at St Mary’s, starting in 2023 with a film screening of The Letter by Pope Francis, all about climate change and what we can do to work together.

Wed 26th July ECO GROUP meeting 7.30pm
Thank you again to everyone who attended the Eco Group’s social evening. The film was thought-provoking and inspired some interesting discussions. The film asked us what we will do to care for Our Common Home. We’ll discuss what we can do as a parish community at our next meeting. We’d love it if you could join us and get involved in our action plans.






Gardening Group - help needed!

Gardeners needed for St Mary’s Church

Do you enjoy gardening and have a little time to spare? Could you help maintain the church gardens? No expertise needed but an advantage if available?

We meet on 1st Wednesday of the month 2.00pm Contact  07828 720517 / 01225 447347

We need some new faces to join the Gardening Team, to help keep the grass cut & do the numerous other garden jobs that keep St Mary’s looking loved, especially so in these times. You don’t need to have the skills of Monty Don to volunteer. One simple task would be to weed around the car park and the parish centre.
We would welcome some younger people. All that is needed is an hour or two every month or so. Interested?


St Mary's Synod group and Synod News

For Pope Francis, “synodality is a way of communicating and relating. It is the way he sees the three parts of the Church — the People of God, the College of Bishops, and the Bishop of Rome, the Vicar of Christ — in constant exchange
together, all three parts listening.”

As invited by Pope Francis, we continue to explore the synodal approach at St Mary’s, as follows:
Join us fortnightly for our ongoing synod group, which continues to explore how listening to one another is foundational to the growth of our spiritual life. Next gathering: Wed 21st Feb; fortnightly after that. 7.15 for 7.30 – 9.00.
The Synod group warmly invites anyone to drop in without commitment & share a walk, during Lent. We’re seeking sponsorship in the fight against poverty as some of us walk towards the 200km target on a daily basis across the 40 days. Let us know if you would like to join us – on Fridays after 10am Mass, for 5km (3 miles, about 1.5 hrs) or as long as you wish; or Saturdays for a possibly longer walk, meet-up at 10.00am (venue tbc in the bulletin each week). There may be an eco/ Laudato Si theme, spotting beaver clues, litter picking, visiting Champion trees, welcoming Spring, silent meditation Ideas welcome! Please only sponsor us if you able. If yes, please go to www.JustGiving.com & search for Mary Ashton CAFOD: that way you will sponsor all of those walking, whatever distance, as a communal effort of mutual encouragement.
Any questions/ for more info: email mary-paradox@outlook.com or stephen-paradox@outlook.com

November 2023: Sara Adams, Director for the Department of Adult Education and Evangelisation

“The Synod in Rome concluded at the end of October. Here is a copy of the synthesis that was agreed in the final session when it was read to all those participating in Rome. It took 3.5 hours and each paragraph had to be voted on. The vast majority received a 90-95% affirmation. The section which received the most no votes was the section on the role of women as deacons. 20% of the votes did not agree here. The whole synthesis makes for interesting reading and has 81 proposals and around 20 calls for theological, canonical, and pastoral commissions to clarify and propose solutions.

Once more we will be encouraged to continue the Conversations in the Spirit that we started having when we first engaged with the Synodal process. This is how the Synod in Rome worked. We have to discern best to do that, but we will be encouraging you to have such conversations in your parishes and with the groups you are associated with. Until we have discerned how we might do this, can I encourage you take some time to read the synthesis report and begin to reflect on a personal level with what you read.”

Synthesis Report Rome 2023

Prayer and Spirituality

Altar serving


Calling young people aged 7+ who would like to become an altar server

Uniform and training provided. If your child is interested, talk to Fr Jeremy after Mass. Those who have yet to make their First Holy Communion can still be an altar server. Young people who have just made their First Holy Communion or were confirmed last November would be very welcome.

*Altar serving is one of the volunteering activities recognised by the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Talk to Fr Jeremy about volunteering opportunities for Bronze, Silver or Gold.


Children's Liturgy Group

Children’s Liturgy 10.30am Sunday Mass
It takes place in the sacristy & is open to children up to pre-First Holy Communion stage. Its’ themes run in parallel with the main Mass covering the penitential rite & the Gospel of the day. Parents are welcome to come too. Running late? Access the group via the Sacristy door on the outside of the church, next to the car park.

CHILDREN LITURGY GROUP APPEAL: Could you be a volunteer leader for our very popular & long-running Children’s Liturgy Group? In recent times the number of volunteer leaders has dwindled. We are appealing to all in the congregation, parents of children who attend CLG or not, to consider volunteering to bolster the group’s number of leaders & helpers. Please read the flyer for more information CLG appeal 2022


Christian Meditation group

Christian Meditation group
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
Ecumenical Christian Meditation Group 7pm – 8.15pm St Mary’s Parish Centre. Restarting 17th Jan. Meditation is part of universal human wisdom, practised by people from all faiths or none. Part of the World Community for Christian Meditation https://wccm.uk/, we meditate according to the teaching of Fr John Main (Benedictine). We also welcome those from other traditions too (eg Centering Prayer). An ecumenical group inc. Christians from other churches. More info: Contact Deirdre 01225 872110 and if you would like to come (arrangements sometimes change).

"Come Holy Spirit" - experiences of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of parishioners

Arising out of the “Don’t Forget the Holy Spirit” Book Club is this “Come Holy Spirit” page on the parish website. Parishioners can add testimony of experiences of the Holy Spirit moving in their life, in whatever form (for example prayers answered, guidance given, miracle healing, a sense of belonging). The purpose is to give witness to the power of the Holy Spirit in everyday life, and to demonstrate that it is not confined to the Bible. For more info, talk to Fr Jeremy and consider what you might add.

A parishioner finds strength from this prayer:

Holy Spirit of God, source of knowledge

and creator of fellowship;

open our minds to recognize the truth

and our hearts to welcome it,

that in company together we may learn your will                     

and be strengthened to obey it;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another parishioner experienced miracle healing, both physically and spiritually, through prayers to the Holy Spirit, followed by other religious experiences. You can read her testimony here: 200120 What happened at Birmingham Celebrate 2019







Lectio Divina groups

Lectio Divina Groups – all welcome

Wednesdays: Lectio Divina Group We use Divine Reading to lead our reading & sharing of the Gospel for the next Sunday. Meet fortnightly 7.30pm via Zoom to share a portion of scripture chosen by a group member. Info: Graham 07889 495419


Malayalam Community

1st Saturdays of the month Malayalam Mass 2.30pm, St Mary’s Church, followed by refreshments in the Parish Centre.

Contact: Shaji Thomas

Mass stewards

Could you help the parish by being a Mass steward?

If you would like to be a Mass steward talk to Fr Jeremy or email the parish office. The role is one of welcoming people to our parish at Sunday or weekday Masses, or at funerals during the week. This is an excellent way to get to know people, particularly if you are new to St Mary’s or Bath. You can choose at which Sunday Mass you would like to welcome people, and then you go on a rota. Mass stewards need to be over 18 years old.

Monthly Mass for LGBT+ Catholics, families & friends

3rd Sunday of the month Mass for LGBT+ Catholics, families & friends 3.00pm St Nicholas of Tolentino Church, Bristol, BS5 ORE inclusionforall@cliftondiocese.com

A New Year’s message from Father Richard McKay of St Nicholas of Tolentino:

Dear friends,
Hoping you had a joyous Christmas – the Feast of God who enters into our human condition, gets inside our ’skin’ our humanity in all its diversity. And every blessing for a peaceful and loving New Year as we seek to make 2023 authentically a ‘Year of Our Lord’.
By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit St Nicks (with the active encouragement and endorsement of Bishop Declan Lang) established a diocesan Mass and ministry among the LBGTQ+ community, in March 2019. It began to grow slowly and then Covid shut everything down. Thanks to our internet and email ‘family’ we were able to continue contact and hopefully have been able to encourage in faith and love some of our beloved LBGTQ+ community.
With this New Year, despite Covid still being with us, it is time to rebuild this Mass and Ministry and be ready to ‘enlarge the tent’ of meeting. As the recent Working Document for the ‘Continental Phase’ of the Catholic Church’s Global Synod records, there is very extensive support for LBGTQ+ Catholics to experience authentic inclusion, releasing the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit among you so that together we can help reshape, reform the Church to be truly the ‘Sacrament of God’s infinite, unconditional and all-inclusive Love’.
So I hope in this coming year you will not only feel welcome at our monthly Mass and Ministry at St Nicks, but more – called to be a regular part of this developing and healing ministry among God’s marginalised people. 
With prayer, blessing and thanksgiving for you all,
Richard and all here at St Nicks!
Please do accept Father Richard’s suggestion to make a point of coming to join us, along with family and friends where possible. Your presence is a powerful witness to the possibility of a more welcoming and inclusive Church.
Reader Ministry

Reader Ministry: Age 8+. Needed at Sunday Masses. You would read every 3-8 weeks, depending on numbers of ministers. Training given. Contact Charlotte at the Parish Office 

How to be a Reader at St Mary’s



Social Action


The Association for the Propagation of the Faith (APF) assists every one of the Catholic Church’s 1,069 mission dioceses in providing pastoral care and preaching the Gospel effectively.

Red Box

In England and Wales, we collect funds for overseas mission through the famous Red Boxes. There are Red Boxes in over 200,000 homes. They have helped raise millions of pounds for the missionary Church.

Contact: Annemarie Costello

This short introduction was taken from: missio.org.uk/about-apf/


CAFOD builds links between poor communities in the developing world and the Catholic community in England and Wales. It works with partners at home and with CARITAS International abroad to deliver relief work and programmes in human development to poor communities regardless of race, gender, religion or politics.

In working with the poor, praying with them and for them, and sharing our resources with them through fundraising and education, CAFOD is a source of information and knowledge about systems that keep the poor in poverty, and CAFOD works to challenge these through campaigns and public events to raise awareness.

CAFOD is also an educational resource for schools and communities here. CAFOD organises two fundraising events a year, Lent Fast Day and Harvest Fast Day. More information can be found on www.cafod.org.uk If you would like to know more about how CAFOD is supported by the churches in the Bath Deanery, contact Irene Prentice via email at ireneprentice.bath@gmail.com or telephone 01225 851093.

CAFOD: The paradox of abundance
Over 800 million people go hungry each day. Yet the world produces over 4 billion tons of food & we only need 3.7 billion tons to feed everyone. From all this food produced, a third is wasted. St John Paul II called this ‘the paradox of abundance.’ Clearly the currently global food system is not working, but as Pope Francis said, “Each of us has a role to play in transforming food systems for the benefit of people & the planet.” CAFOD’s new campaign is called Fix the Food System. See www.cafod.org.uk/food for more info, including an invitation for parish groups to learn about the impact of our food with our Fix the Food System: a 7-station journey resource.

Cost-of-living: advice and practical help

The Money Advice Service - set up by the government, they offer free and impartial money advice on issues like debt and benefits  

Citizens Advice Bureau - offer free advice on benefits, debt and finance 

NHS – have useful advice on coping with financial worries, and signpost to organisations who can help with emotional and financial difficulties 

Mind – have a webpage on money and mental health where you can find advice on organising finances, talking to services and how to plan ahead 

Gov.uk – information and applications for financial support after having children

Mondays at Weston Hub, Penn Hill Road From 12:00pm to 2:00pm including the Welcome Cafe, Citizens Advice, Clean Slate, Weston Food Club plus clothes and toiletries store

Welcome Café – Come and enjoy a 3 course lunch. There’s nothing to pay. Just relax, and have a good meal.

Citizens Advice – Now we are in Weston! Don’t miss out. You might be missing out on money that you are entitled to. Come and find out more Fuel…Pensions…Benefits…Disability…Council tax…Carers. It’s completely confidential, so nothing to worry about

Clean Slate – Any problems with money? Where does it all go? Why is there never enough? We can help you make your money stretch further, check you’re getting the correct benefits, and look for vouchers. Come and find out more. It’s all confidential.

Weston Food Club – Join the club and look round the shop for what you need.  Load up some boxes, and only pay £1 per box. It’s really good value.

Clothes and toiletries store – Choose clothes and toiletries from the store, whatever you need. They’re all donated, so there’s nothing to pay.

OASIS PANTRIES: There are a variety of opportunities at Oasis Hub Bath to use your skills to benefit others and get to know new people. Even a couple of hours every few weeks could make a real difference to someone in need, so get in touch and we’ll find the perfect role for you. You may also need help yourself with affordable food. Email welcome@oasisbath.org and go to www.oasisbath.org or watch a video about the food pantries https://vimeo.com/672319750 

St Vincent de Paul group

St Mary’s SVP is very different from other groups that may exist in the parish. Firstly, we don’t only help parishioners; we will help anyone in need in the area, irrespective of their faith or none. Also, as well as visiting people, we provide material assistance where needed. And we have a national infrastructure to support our members, including training, expert guidance and a series of special funds.

Our SVP group also helps alleviate some of the pressure on the Parish Priest by visiting sick or elderly parishioners, and by organising tea and biscuits after the 10am Mass the first Wednesday of the month for people who are elderly and/or isolated. This event takes place in the Parish Centre and is designed to be an occasion when people can meet especially those who feel isolated. The Parish Priest is the one who usually refers people seeking assistance to the SVP.

We are always keen to recruit new members or to be contacted by anyone who would like to help in any way and we believe that in addition to our work in and around St Mary’s, we are helping to bring the Parish together with our social events and personal outreach. The essence of our work is person-to-person contact and spending time with people is our greatest gift.

*Lifts to Mass St Mary’s SVP would like to facilitate lifts to Mass for anyone who has a particular difficulty in getting to Church eg the elderly. If you/someone you know would like a lift contact John Desmond 07553022059 or email him presidentB040313@svp.org.uk

Goodbye St Mary's Soup Run

For many years, our group met to make and give out food to homeless people in Bath once a month. This was part of a city-wide operation. However, Genesis is looking at how help for the homeless needs to change post-pandemic https://genesistrust.org.uk/news/soup-run-and-lunchbox-looking-back-looking-forward-and-saying-thank-you/ 

The Soup Run in Bath ran from 1990; St Mary’s joined it a few years later. A team of sandwich makers & runners worked for nearly 30 years providing food & company to the homeless on our streets. The onset of COVID suspended the run & it will not return as Genesis now make new provision to meet the need. We would like to thank all those parishioners who helped over the years with good heart & generosity of time. Please continue to support the work of Genesis, as the need has not gone away. https://genesistrust.org.uk/ 

Mary's Meals

Mary’s Meals provides vital support by setting up community-run school feeding programmes, which encourage children to come to school & receive a nutritious meal that helps them to concentrate on their studies. £15.90 will feed a child for a year. https://www.marysmeals.org.uk/

Unfortunately Mary’s Meals have had to end their Backpack Project which we supported as a parish due to the high costs resulting from the pandemic.  https://www.marysmeals.org.uk/get-involved/ways-to-give/donate-your-unwanted-goods We have decided to donate the items remaining to similar projects based in Britain. If you have any suggestions, email the parish office.

You can make a difference that lasts with a monthly gift. With your support, they can continue to give food, hope and joy to children around the world through the promise of a daily meal in school.


New Horizons (Bereavement support group)


Most of us will, at some time in our lives, encounter through death the loss of someone we love. That person may be a friend, sibling, child or spouse; our lives will never be the same again. Although the experience differs from person to person, many may feel if the death was unexpected it’s earth shattering, or if they’ve known for some time that death was inevitable, it can still feel as though a rug has been pulled out from under them. They can feel very alone, raw and isolated. At times the loss and pain may feel unbearable.

New Horizons is run voluntarily by a small group of parishioners from both St Johns and St Mary’s. We have the Spiritual support of our chaplain Fr Jeremy Rigden (parish priest of St Mary’s, Bath). We are not trained counsellors but have all received training in caring for people going through the pain of bereavement. We don’t try and “make things better” we know we can’t. We try in small ways to reach out and offer a listening ear to anyone suffering because of a loss.

Throughout the year we organise several activities which bring people together: three or four Masses are celebrated by Fr Jeremy followed by tea and cake; a couple of walks are organised and we’re having our first lunch on Thursday 25th July. Should you feel you would rather for the time being just have someone to talk to on a one to one basis please contact your either your parish priest, or your parish administrator, Janet (St Johns) or Charlotte (St Mary’s) who will contact one of us on your behalf.

Finally, there is no time limit to grieving. Sometimes even years later the pain can return. There may be a trigger but often there’s not. New Horizons is here for everyone, no matter when, where or how their loved one died.


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