Parish Finance Committee


Your Parish Finance Committee consists of our Parish Priest, Richard Marke (Chair), Angela Burton, Colin Sheridan, Jim Sherry and Michael Gage. New members are always welcome (if you would like to serve please contact Richard Marke at

Your Committee is responsible for all financial matters relating to the Parish.  It has a Constitution and a set of Duties and Responsibilities.  Both of these documents can be accessed on our website.

Each year your committee sets a budget in consultation with the Property Development Group. The one for 2017 is on this website. We also produce the accounts for the parish and those for 2016 are on this website.

As you know the Church suffered from a fire in July 2015. After considerable works we were able to start using the Church again in May 2016. Our insurers paid for the bulk of the restoration work. However, the parish had to pay for some costs that were deemed as improvements by the insurers. The main item of which was a new fire exit. In total the parish paid for nearly £57,000 (the insurers paid £750,000) for the Church. In addition we paid nearly £7,000 towards our parish centre costs whilst we used this instead of the Church (the insurers paid £31,600).

Whilst this restoration work took place, your parish installed a new confessional and a reconfigured entrance both of which we had planned to do before the fire. These two improvements cost over £65,000.
In total your parish incurred £129,000 of costs during 2016. The parish has not yet settled with the insurers but your Finance Committee believes that the position above will be reflected in the final settlement.
The parish is proud that the costs of the fire were met out of parish resources (and the insurance proceeds) without any recourse to the finances of the Diocese.

Your Committee is concerned that the income of the Parish is not sufficient to pay for all the costs arising from running the Parish.  We have prepared a document (which is available on the website) which shows in detail the cost of running the Parish with an explanation of all the costs. Our Parish costs £7.50 per week for each parishioner (£15.00 per week per married couple). Currently those parishioners not paying by standing order or through our envelope scheme are each donating £2.58 per week. This leaves a massive hole in our finances.

Legacies are always most welcome and are a considerable help in dealing with major expenses of the Parish.  Parishioners wishing to leave a legacy in their wills can use the suggested wording available as a document on our website.

If you would like more information about our finances please email Richard Marke at or write or phone him at the Parish Office.